Testimony from RivCo mandated reporter has reported twice in 10 years. This was one of those times.

He was removed because the family was not taking care of his medical needs. The hygiene was beyond not good. They were always dirty. The family was former meth addicts and they would go to most appointments but not all. I know they loved him but he had special needs and diapers and was always dirty and I had to replace several cushions on his wheelchair because they were soiled. and these were cushions that could be washed easily. The school had even more issues- I know because I knew the teacher well. She cleaned his clothes and one of the cushions at school all the time.

Transcript for a personal interview with Subject 1. Subject 1 is a single mother with two kids still in the home who works full-time and lives in California.

me: Hi. Thank you for agreeing to talk with me about contact with Child protective services. Your identity will be kept confidential…

Stephanie Watson

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